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What to Do if your Pet Has Diarrhea

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-12-04
There are many conditions that can cause an imbalance in the digestive process and cause your pet to experience episodes of diarrhea. Call 407-333-2901 for details.

Signs & Symptoms of Distemper in Cats

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-11-05
Lake Emma Animal Hospital believes that there will be a number of different distemper symptoms that may become apparent to your cat. Call us at 407-333-2901 to know more.

Pet Grooming FAQs

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-10-31
Lake Emma Animal Hospital shares some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about pet grooming and their answers. Call 407-333-2901 today!

How do Microchips Work in Pets?

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-09-30
Microchips are widely used across many industries including the veterinary service. Know more on how microchips work and call Lake Emma Animal Hospital at 407-333-2901 today!

How Often Should your Pet be Vaccinated?

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-08-03
Vaccines have saved countless lives over the last half century alone. Nevertheless, the frequency with which we vaccinate our pets is a regularly debated topic. Learn more at Lake Emma Animal Hospital.

Pet Bloat: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-07-04
Pet bloat occurs when there is an abnormal accumulation of gas in the stomach. Know its causes, prevention and treatment at Lake Emma Animal Hospital.

Symptoms of Pet Allergies

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-06-04
Much like humans, there are a variety of different things that can cause your pet to suffer from a range of allergy symptoms. Click here to know more.

The Most Important Pet Vaccines

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-05-04
As caring and conscientious owners, we have the ability to prevent our beloved animals from contracting some of these illnesses through pet vaccinations. Learn more here.

Is it Necessary to Clean your Cat’s Teeth?

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-04-04
Something that many owners overlook is the importance of dental care to their furbaby. Know more at Lake Emma Animal Hospital.

Are Vaccinations Necessary for Cats?

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-03-05
Know information about cat vaccination and how it can improve your furry friend's optimum health. Contact Lake Emma Animal Hospital at 407-333-2901 for details.

Why You Should Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-02-05
Lake Emma Animal Hospital shares with you the reasons why it is important to take care of the dental hygiene of your pet. For more information, contact us at 407-333-2901.

How to Introduce Kids to Dogs

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2018-01-04
Learn the tips and guidelines on how to introduce your furry friends to kids by Lake Emma Animal Hospital. Contact us at 407-333-2901 for details.

How to Help your Cat Lose Weight

Author:Lake Emma Animal HospitalDate:2017-12-04
Learn how to make your cat healthy and fit with these guidelines provided by Lake Emma Animal Hospital. Contact 407-333-2901 for details.

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