Medicated Baths for Pets

Bathing is a normal part of most grooming services. However, if your pet has been diagnosed with a dermatological problem then it may be recommended that he receives medicated baths – either at home or because they can take a great deal of time and energy, provided by your veterinary grooming team.

What are medicated baths?

Medicated baths are a fairly common, non-invasive therapeutic treatment during which the patient – in this case your pet – is bathed in water that contains a medication that is designed to treat their specific ailment. In most cases, these are skin-based conditions. The exact amount of medication needed, and the temperature of the bathwater is specific to the needs of the individual animal, but in most cases, medicated baths last approximately half an hour. In some instances, the medicated shampoo may also be used to help treat your pet and these may be applied during or after your pet’s medicated bath.


What issues can medicated baths help to treat?

There are many different dermatological issues that can be treated using medicated baths. These include the following:


Pets are just as prone to developing allergies as we are, and they can result in similar effects for your furbaby – itchiness, intense scratching, hair loss, sore red and inflamed skin and more. Medicated baths can provide some blessed relief for your poor pet when it is allergy season.

Fungal/Bacterial infections

Unfortunately, fungal and bacterial infections aren’t just for humans either. They are often secondary conditions that occur when your pet’s immune system is tied up dealing with another problem enabling other infections to sneak in, but nonetheless, they require treatment to prevent your pet from unnecessary suffering. Medicated baths and shampoos are nearly always the first line of action for a pet with fungal and/or bacterial infections.

Parasite problems

Parasites are well-known for their ability to cause dermatological problems in pets. Fleas are a particular problem since around 50% of animals are severely allergic to them and go on to develop a skin condition known as flea allergy dermatitis. This invokes relentless itching and scratching that can lead to your pet damaging his skin. Other parasites that are responsible for skin-based problems include mites and ticks. Medicated shampoos and bath treatments play an essential role in getting parasites under control. These are in addition to regular preventatives which should be administered to protect your pet from further parasitic infections.


Dry skin

Not all medicated baths are given for explicitly medical reasons. Much like us, some pets simply experience dry skin that leaves them feeling itchy, irritated and sore. There can be many reasons for this, from dry weather with low humidity levels to poor nutrition. Whilst overbathing can make the problem worse, the right frequency of baths with the right medication can provide moisturization, remove loose, dead skin cells and leave your pet’s skin healthier and less itchy than before.

If your pet is experiencing any of these issues, medicated baths could help. Our expert veterinary team would be happy to assess the condition of his skin to determine if he is a good candidate for medicated baths, and if he is, which products will give him the greatest relief from his symptoms.

If you would like more information about medicated baths for pets, please don’t hesitate to contact our animal hospital in Lake Mary, FL today by calling 407-333-2901.