Why You Should Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth

Vet cleaning dog's teeth

Any responsible and caring pet owner will want to do everything in their power to ensure that their animal is as healthy as possible. You have almost certainly thought about the diet you are feeding your pet, and whether it provides the nutrition your per needs. You will have probably looked into whether she is up to date with her vaccinations and parasite preventative treatments. However, one important factor of animal care that is often overlooked is taking care of your pet’s teeth.

The most common domestic pets – cats, dogs, rabbits etc. all have teeth. Like us, their teeth are responsible for a number of different functions, from helping them to eat to providing them with a form of self-defence. Whatever your pet may use her teeth for, they are still a crucial part of her anatomy and it is essential for you to help her to take adequate care of her teeth.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should take care of your beloved pet’s teeth:

  • Protect her from Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is the single biggest dental problem affecting domestic animals today. It occurs in pets in exactly the same way that it does in humans – through the accumulation of plaque that penetrates the gums, causing soreness and irritation. When mild periodontal disease is left untreated, it gets progressively worse. Eventually the bacteria cause severe infection, which can lead to loss of gum tissue and bone in the jaw, putting your pet at risk of losing her teeth.

  • Protect Her General Health and Wellbeing

Another major problem associated with periodontal disease is that it if it isn’t treated, the infection can enter your pet’s blood stream and spread throughout her body. It can then affect the major organs, including the kidneys, liver and even her heart. The conditions caused by this type of infection could prove deadly for your furbaby.

  • Prevent Pain and Other Unpleasant Symptoms

Most of us know the pain of toothache all too well and wouldn’t wish it on our pets. Pain is a common symptom of dental problems, and the other common indicators such as swelling, difficulty eating and bleeding from the gums aren’t pleasant either. Nevertheless, by taking proper care of your pet’s teeth, you can protect her from painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms.

  • Spot Potential Problems Early

Regular check-ups should form a standard part of your pet’s dental care and are one of the best ways that you can support her oral health. Dental examinations give our veterinarian an opportunity to do a thorough check of your animal’s teeth and mouth, which could allow him to identify potential problems early, before they require extensive treatment.

  • Eliminate the Need for Dental Treatments

Visiting the veterinarian can be a frightening enough experience in itself for many animals, so it is completely understandable to want to avoid putting them through the ordeal of a potentially invasive dental procedure. Looking after her teeth can also minimize the number of professional dental cleans she will need, which in turn will mean fewer appointments where anesthetic may need to be used – a concern for many owners.

  • Eliminate Bad Breath

One of the best things about being a pet parent is enjoying cuddles together. Unfortunately, spending time in close proximity to your pet is a less than pleasant experience if they suffer from bad breath. However, by looking after your pet’s teeth you can reduce the likelihood of a foul smell emanating from her mouth and make snuggle-time much more enjoyable for both of you.

  • Reduce Your Veterinary Bills

No one likes to think about money when they are concerned about the welfare of their pet. Nevertheless, there is no getting away from the fact that veterinary bills can be expensive, often much more so when more comprehensive or extensive treatment is required. If you take good care of your pet’s teeth, you might reduce the amount of dental work that they need during their lifetime, and this could help keep the costs of our veterinary bills down.

If you have any questions about looking after your pet’s teeth, contact us and schedule an appointment with our veterinary dentist.