Exotic Animal Patients

Here at Lake Emma Animal Hospital, we do see many other species other than cats and dogs. This includes small mammals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, rats, hamster and other small furry pets. We also enjoy seeing our scaled and cold-blooded reptile patients and bird patients and do have a local board certified avian vet that we can refer our exotic patients to, if needed. All of our exotic pets do take more time and require a different method of handling and examination, because of this we do set these up as longer appointment times and do have a slightly higher examination fee than routine cat and dogs visits. Exotic pets are great about hiding symptoms of illness or injury and we encourage routine visits of exotic pets just like out cats and dogs. If you have any questions about your pet or have one you don’t see on the list and want to see if we see that species call us anytime!

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